Stone Island jackets are one of the most popular men's designer clothing products on the market. Stone Island jackets are very exclusive due to their high value price tag and have a reputation as being the premiere brand in the designer clothing industry. This article will show 5 ways to be able to get up to 50% off Stone Island Sale Jackets.

1. The best time to buy any products in the designer clothing industry is in January or September. These two months are the gap between the seasons of Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer ranges. The prices will be reduced to get rid of previous season's stock and some bargains can be had. Stone Island Jackets traditionally have over 25% off during this period.

2. Shopping comparison sites such as Pricerunner and Kelco used to be traditionally for electrical retailers. However nowadays, more and more clothing retailers are listings their sites on these shopping comparison sites. A search for 'Stone Island Jackets' will give over 10 results and often the difference between the highest and lowest price can be over 30%.

3. For high value purchases customers should always use cashback sites to purchase their products. Examples of these are Quidco and Greasy Palm. Typically sales through these sites give back upto 5% of your commission. On a £400 Stone Island Jacket that is £20 in commission back to you.

4. Be cheeky and ask for a discount especially if you're a regular customer. Designer boutiques normally give their regular customers a 15% discount card and online shops will normally give a discount to regular customers if you ask. You don't ask you don't get. Go for it.

5. On many e-commerce sites nowadays they have a 'discount code' box where if you enter a discount code you receive a discount usually about 5 - 10%. Have a quick search for a retailers discount code and usually it is quite easy to find. On a Stone Island Jacket this can save you over £50.

I hope you use these methods to be able to get a discounted Stone Island jacket and most of the stone island sale online.

Stone Island is an Italian Designer brand from Sportswear Company (SPW) based in Bologna. The label was set up by Italian designer Massimo Osti in 1982 as a secondary line or diffusion collection of his main C.P Company label. The brand was remarkable for specialising in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques.